The FHAML money market fund is a large pool of funds from different similar investors like you, these investments are entrust for you in a broadly diversified portfolio of short-term, high quality money market securities like treasury bills, commercial papers…etc.

The goal of FHAML money market fund is to maintain a steady net asset value for the fund as well as preserve your capital. It is a low risk fund suitable for investors who want to earn a higher return on the cash than what traditional banking institution might offer.



  • Competitive returns.
  • High level of security.
  • Higher rates than standard bank savings/current accounts.
  • Preserve capital.
  • 24/7 online monitoring of funds.
  • Professional Management.



  • Funds are invested into high yielding money market securities.
  • Easy tracking of funds -: Monitor your investment account on your online personalized dashboard.
  • Minimum investment N 1,000, additional investments are also supported in amount not less than N 1,000.
  • Deposit are flexible with (debit/credit cards, direct bank transfer, quick teller…etc.)
  • 1 unit of FHAML money market fund is N 100

: Minimum unit allowed for purchase is 10 units.

  • Dividends are paid quarterly (3months).
  • Targeted interest rates are between 4%-10%


*Return on investment (ROI) can be higher or lower than targeted depending on the overall performance of the funds in the market at the end of the investment circle.

*investors fund can be liquidated on request anytime from investor even without it enduring the full circle of agreed tenure. But it will attract a penalty fee of 1.5%