The FHAML fixed income fund preserves and augment returns on capital while maintaining a high level of liquidity. It is an open ended fund with low risk designed to help you achieve your medium to long term goals.

The fund is invested into diversified portfolio of long tenured debt securities issued by FGN, State governments and highly rated corporate institutions. We also allow investment exposure into high-quality fixed income securities which includes money market instruments (commercial paper, treasury bills, bank placements  …etc.).

The fund may also invest in other money market or fixed income securities permitted by the trustee.




  • Minimum starting investment of N100,000
  • Instant access to a range of assorted portfolio of fixed income securities which provides a more stable source of income and can lower portfolio volatility overtime.
  • Competitive returns
  • Easy investment tracking online.
  • Satisfactory fund management.


  • Open-ended mutual funds.
  • Convenient for medium & long-term investments.
  • Investments are sure of competitive returns as 100% of ROI are shared to unit holders based on their purchased units.
  • 1 unit of FHAML fixed income funds is equal to N100
  • Minimum unit allowed for purchased is 1000 units.
  • Dividends are paid every 6 months
  • Interest rates are between an average of 11%-15%



*Return on investment (ROI) can be higher or lower than targeted depending on the overall performance of the funds in the market at the end of the investment circle.

*investors fund can be liquidated on request anytime from investor even without it enduring the full circle of agreed tenure. But it will attract a penalty fee of 2.5%