The Nigerian capital market has received a hit recently during the pandemic era which has also created uncertainties as to what actions investors are required to take next. Nevertheless, capital market is one of the most exciting and dynamic sector in the world at large.

However, in recognition of the above challenges Fundvine Hathaway Asset Management (FHAML) has developed an alternative investment fund called “CURVE FUNDS” this will enable investors to invest directly in international stocks e.g. Facebook, JP Morgan, Amazon ……etc. The fund is an open-ended mutual fund with potentials for high interest yields because we invest in dollar-denominated securities.

We have an international platform which has been tested for years and designed as a private closed fund to pool funds together to access equities in the international market and taking advantage of economies of scale to be derived from larger ticket trades and spread risk carriage for the participants in the partnership.

The fund is targeted at both individual and institutional investors whether domiciled in Nigeria or overseas who desire exposure to dollar- denominated equities. In addition, Investors can use the “Curve fund” as a store for value.


  • Opportunity to diversify portfolio
  • Good return on investment
  • Exclusivity
  • Hedging of currency risk
  • Opportunity to invest in an industry for long term which is profitable.



  • 100% of funds shall be invested in international stock market, foreign equities and securities and USA highly rated corporate institutions.
  • Affordability :  In FHAML we calculate investments in “units”

: 1 unit of FHAML Curve funds = $100

  • Minimum investment is $5000 – (50 units)
  • Targeted returns on investment is 30% per annum
  • Tenure is 365 days.


*investors fund can be liquidated on request anytime from investor even without it enduring the full circle of agreed tenure. But it will attract a penalty fee of 2.5%